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The Right Man

Releases April 16

The plan was to swoop in, save her dad’s business, then head back to the city…
She never expected to grow attached to a certain employee.

Recently graduated with her MBA, Olivia has returned home to help save her father’s failing bar—his pride and joy. But there is so much more going on beneath the surface. Her father is sick and can’t afford home health care, and she has no one but her best friend to support her from afar and a neighbor who voluntarily comes in to assist them.

Olivia will do whatever it takes to make The Tavern successful and get her dad the care he needs, even if that means going toe to toe with the infuriatingly hot bartender to make changes.

He might not like his job, but he’ll be damned if he lets the new boss destroy it all…
Even if they can’t keep their hands off one another.

Being a bartender was never Wyatt’s dream. It was supposed to be a temporary job after dropping out of college and moving to a new state. Except, here he was five years later, pushing through his social anxiety to keep working with the people he now considers friends.

And he refuses to let some young hotshot come in and change everything based on her experience in the big city. She hasn’t lived in their small town in years and knows nothing about how they operate. He doesn’t care if she’s the owner’s daughter… or if she’s absolutely breathtaking.

Wyatt once changed his entire life for a woman. Never again would he give someone that much control.

Love Hunters is a steamy, new adult romance series set in a small town full of drama, gossip, and strong friendships.

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