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Marking the Date Cover.jpg

Marking the Date
A Bennu Firebirds short story

Maya is living the life of her dreams. She’s starred in three movies, gone to premieres, and done press releases around the world. Not to mention she landed the dreamy rock star boyfriend she’s loved since he was nothing more than a friend at summer camp.

But she hates how much their busy schedules keep them apart.

Being a rock star has its perks, and Xander Lewis plans on taking full advantage of them to give his girlfriend the most perfect Valentine’s Day ever. Especially since they missed their first two, and by some miracle, the stars have aligned, allowing them an entire week together.

Except... the universe has other plans.

Between a potential breakup in their friend group and a loved one on the verge of relapsing, one thing after another threatens to pull them apart.

Will Xander and Maya get their perfect moment together? Find out in this Bennu Firebirds short story!

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