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Adventures in Writing: Part 2

Hello, hello! Wow, it has been a really long time. I am so bad at keeping a blog updated, but I am back and determined to do this!

Alright, since the last time I wrote, A LOT has happened. I queried a few agents over the summer, but nothing came of it. About a month after I sent the letters, I started really considering self-publishing. So, it did not bother me to receive a couple rejections. I’ve been working a lot more in the indie community this year, and I really just felt like it was the right choice for me. And I still do.

As my first book, The Nihryst means a lot to me, and I like the idea of being totally in control of how it is put out into the world. With the guidance of some amazing friends, I am officially self-publishing my books!

Since deciding this, I have edited and revised the entire book twice, hired an editor, and have a custom cover in the works! The manuscript was sent to the editor a week ago, and I should be hearing from the cover artist any day now with her sketches and design ideas. I am so so excited!

A lot still has to happen before publishing, though. I need to set up an account on Amazon, add the book to Goodreads, create teasers once I get the cover, schedule the cover reveal and release, and there are more things I want to do for promotion, such as put together a blog tour and attempt to do some sort of release event (yep, I’m going all out because I’m that extra) and maybe some signings. Who knew writing was the easy part? I need a personal assistant for all this… Think one of my sister’s will do it in exchange for me already paying for Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix? Unlikely.

~More about my book~

Tangled/Robin Hood retelling with pirates!

The Nihryst is the first in a YA/NA fantasy trilogy about two royal siblings fighting the clock to save their kingdom from their own father. Princess Adalina sets sail with a group, whom she quickly realizes is pirates, to search for lost immortal warriors from her childhood fairy tales. Meanwhile, Prince Shane stumbles across an underground rebellion and tries to help them stop a plague spreading throughout their streets.

I do not have dates yet, but I am aiming for the whole trilogy to release in 2020, with the first book coming out in March!

Want more exclusive updates, teasers, and giveaway opportunities? Check out my Facebook group: Cait’s Inner Circle

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