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Adventures in Writing: Part 6

Hello, hello! It has been a crazy couple weeks, my friends. Between editing jobs, running Functionally Fictional, helping run Coffee House Writers, and starting grad school, I feel like I’m constantly busy. Not to mention editing The Lost Legends, writing book 2 of The Nihryst series, and writing my upcoming YA contemporary romance, The Last Summer.

Oh… I also did the cover reveal for The Lost Legends and opened the pre-order!!

Coming March 18!

Pre-order below!

(The paperback will be available on Amazon in March as well. I just can’t put it up for pre-order. If you would like to pre-order a signed paperback directly through me, please fill out this form.)

This beautiful cover was created by Maria Spada.

I have been overwhelmed with the amount of support I’ve received with this book the last few months, but everyone blew me away with this cover reveal. It was shared all over the internet, and people are actually pre-ordering it. People who aren’t family or close friends! It’s incredible.

Now, this blog series isn’t just to share my work and gratitude. It’s also to give honest opinions and thoughts on this experience so that I might help another self-publishing author. Mind you, I’m pretty much winging it. I am not a professional. I have some amazing friends who have been helping along the way, but a lot of this I’m learning by trial and error.

One very important thing I learned with this cover reveal: don’t do it too early. I should clarify; sharing the cover early is great, but don’t open the pre-order too early. And if you’re going to do signed paperbacks like I am, do NOT put up the form this early. Maybe even wait until after the release. Because now I have twice as many people ordering directly through me. Since they’re not going through Amazon, my sales and rankings aren’t nearly what they would be if this many pre-ordered the ebook.

Amazon ranks are very important. The better the rank, the more the book will be seen because of algorithms I barely understand. I do know that if it’s getting a lot of attention, it will show up for other shoppers more.

Lesson learned! The book is still doing very well. I will just be pushing the Amazon link for the next few weeks, and I’ll pull the signed form back out at the end of February.

I’m now editing the book, preparing it for ARC readers. I just sent the first four chapters to a blogger this week, who sent back a lot of positive and encouraging feedback, so that’s a good sign! I’m getting very excited but anxious about the whole thing. It’s definitely been an adventure.

Speaking of which, I still need a map… my bad.

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