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Behind the Count (Cessna U Wildcats Book 2)

Author: Kimberly Readnour Get your copy here!

Released: 4/30/20


Meet Noah Geren in this Brother’s Best Friend Romance

Dating my brother’s best friend? Yeah, that’s forbidden… Noah Geren. Cessna University’s starting catcher. Sensible. My life-long crush. And totally off-limits.

I only want a few things in life. Graduate with a fashion degree. To be taken seriously. And Noah Geren.

After my first year of college, I let the idea of him go. And it almost worked

Until that late summer night.

Shannon Smith. My best friend’s sister. The secret star of my late-night fantasies. Hotter than sin. Unattainable

There’s a code among best friends and teammates—no dating their sisters. Too bad I didn’t listen.

One weak moment changed everything. And nothing at all.

I’m not good for her.

They call me the sensible one, But the more Shannon and I are forced to be together, Staying away makes less sense, And the reasons become hard to remember. But I need to stay strong. For reasons she’ll never understand.

Book Two in the Cessna U Wildcats series, Behind the Count, is a best friend’s sister, stand-alone romance. If you like sexy, hot baseball players, click to add Noah Geren.

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