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Cover Reveal: Ephemera: Life Lessons Learned

Every story has a lesson…

Every lesson has a story…

Edited by Cait Marie and published by Unicorn Nightporium, LLC., Ephemera: Life Lessons Learned is an anthology like you’ve never seen before!

First, let’s see the cover!











Every story has a lesson.

People constantly learn throughout their lives. It creates history. It defines the future.

Is the grass greener on the other side? Do the ends justify the means?

Eleven authors have come together to bring you tales of adventure and romance, loss and gain, family, friends, and everything in between. From arranged marriages to dates in haunted houses to androids infused with human memories. Fairy tales, dystopians, apocalyptic worlds.

Every lesson has a story.

Pre-order on Amazon: Paperbacks will be available internationally on release day as well!

The Prompts

Each other was paired up and given a prompt that included:

Genre Lesson for the character to learn A random word or phrase to be used

The Authors

Cait Marie Heather Dowell Victoria Anders Marissa Allen Charles Kelley Abigail McCarty Steph Wyatt Najela Carter Xander S. Lee Rebekah Olson B.L. Koller

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