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Last Guard Standing

Author: Heather Dowell Get your copy here!

Released: 4/3/20


Her job was ideal…

…until the new guard arrived.

Katrina has been playing it safe. Instead of living her best life, she’s been working as a security guard living paycheck to paycheck. Still, she has hopes of becoming an author.

There’s no one to micro-manage her.

She’s able to write.

There’s just one problem…Danny.

When a new guard arrives and threatens her ability to cheat the system, Katrina is pissed. Working on the clock requires secrecy and she doesn’t know if Danny can keep his mouth shut.

Matters only worsen as a brushfire approaches and corporate creed puts her and Danny’s life at risk.

You’ll love this heart-pounding disaster thriller because it answers what’s worth fighting for, and Katrina is a resourceful broad you’ll want to see make it out alive.

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