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Love is a Harmony (Rockstars Anonymous Book 3)

Author: Michelle MacQueen Get your copy here!

Released: 3/25/21


Rock stars don’t fake their marriages.

As a certified rock star wrangler, Melanie has always been able to hold her own. Her most proud accomplishment is bringing a group of rivals together to create the Rockstars Anonymous support group.

She never expected them to become her family or for Noah Clarke, the scandal prone rocker of the bunch, to call her when his world starts to crumble.

Noah isn’t known for doing the smart thing, but when his estranged brother dies, leaving him custody of a niece he didn’t know he had, he needs her, Melanie.

Flying to France to be with him is the easy part, pretending to be his fiancé to satisfy the brother’s will is complicated.

But it’s nothing compared to actually going through with the wedding.

Melanie never thought she’d marry again after her husband’s death or that it would be to a man who couldn’t keep his name out of the tabloids. Yet, she realizes the more she holds onto the past, the harder it is the see her future.

And Noah and this little girl?

They might just be the future she needs.

Love is a Harmony is book three in the sweet Rockstars Anonymous series, featuring one rock star support group, five ridiculous stars, and four swoony romances. Beware of concert crashers, meddling families, and rock stars who can’t seem to stay out of each other’s love lives.

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