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Secret Guard is Here!!

For years, I've been mentioning my YA dystopian fantasy Secret Guard, and I'm so excited to finally share it with you all!

It's publishing on Kindle Vella while I work on the rest of the series. The first 6 episodes (3 chapters) are already up, and I plan on pushing through more every week day, so there won't be long waiting times.

And you'll be able to read the first 10 episodes completely FREE!

Start reading and/or follow the story here:


Eighteen years ago, the heroes of the Great War outlawed magic to protect their people.

Or so they claimed.

The kingdom of Tulansia still lies in ruin, and now, their past is coming back to haunt them.

Charles Lamden, former hero named traitor, is finally ready for vengeance, and it starts by leading a violent rebel faction in an invasion on the castle to take the royal family hostage.

Only Princess Emmalyn manages to flee with the help of her best friend. The two find shelter in a hidden mountain village, where Emma quickly realizes that everything she knows of the world is a lie.

Her best friend, the boy she’s loved her whole life, is one of her secret guards—a group created by her father, sworn to protect her above all others.

Those with magic aren’t the dangerous people she was always taught to fear, and they might be her only hope in rescuing her family.

And her parents? They’re behind so much of the deceit.

Because there’s a bigger reason the rebels took the royals hostage, and Emma’s at the very center of it.

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