Cait Marie fell in love with fairy tales at a very early age. Now, she's made it her mission to bring tales of adventure and romance to her readers. Regardless of the genre, she hopes people feel connected to the characters and promises there will always be a happily ever after!

Leaving Summersville


The Last Summer

Lila has two weeks to complete her summer bucket list, and her former best friend, Gavin, is determined to help...


The First Holidays

Lila, Gavin, Beth Ann, and Dylan reunite for the holidays after their first semester at college...


The Final Chance

Dylan is willing to do everything in his power to win Beth Ann back, even if that means boarding a plane to New York...

Bennu Firebirds


Making the Play

He's her favorite baseball player. She's his best friend's little sister, and the coach's daughter...

Marking the Date Cover.jpg

Marking the Date

Maya and Xander need a perfect Valentine's Day to themselves. Too bad the universe has other plans...


Meeting the Star

He's her celebrity crush. She's the sweet girl who happens to be working where his next movie is filming...

Masking the Love Cover Final copy.jpg

Masking the Love

Kade and Brent are rivals turned friends with benefits, but that's not enough for one of them... 


Missing the Beat

He's the rock star who doesn't remember her. She's the girl with a wall around her heart that she refuses to let crumble...