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Fantasy & More!

Cait Marie fell in love with fairy tales at a very early age. Now, she's made it her mission to bring tales of adventure and romance to her readers. Regardless of the genre, she hopes people feel connected to the characters and promises there will always be a happily ever after!

The Nihryst


The Lost Legends

Princess Adalina and her brother, Shane, never anticipated working with pirates and rebels to save their kingdom...

Short Story

The Lost Warriors

Loxley and crew are caught and forced to fight in the war against Rayerna by unspeakable means...


The Lost Prince

The threat to their kingdom is bigger than they thought, and now the people Adalina loves are directly at stake...

Short Story

The Lost Home

Brienne is the beloved daughter of a merchant. So, how does she become a part of Lee's pirate crew?


The Lost Alliance

Two kingdoms are at war. Shane faces his sister's mortality, as well as his feelings for his best friend, Phillip...

Short Story

The Lost Honor

Before Ren became an intimidating pirate, he was part of a peaceful people that were destroyed in front of his eyes...



Fun Size

9 authors, 9 stories...

Cait's is The Lost Warriors, a Nihryst prequel!


Ephemera: Life Lessons Learned

An eclectic collection of short stories...

Cait's is Choosing You, a steampunk romance that's a prequel to an upcoming fairytale series!