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The Nihryst

Upper Young Adult/New Adult Fantasy

Content warnings coming soon

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The Lost Legends (Book 1)

A plague. A prophecy. A centuries-long curse.

All her life, Princess Adalina heard tales of the legendary, immortal warriors known as the Nihryst. Cursed and bound to a deck of tarot cards by her ancestors, the Nihryst were stranded on a remote island nearly a century and a half earlier.

Her brother, Prince Shane, is destined to rule the kingdom of Detmarya. Though preparing for this role has encompassed his entire life, control of the kingdom may come sooner than expected due to their father’s sporadic behavior.

Discovering the king's plan to set a war in motion with a mass assassination, Ada unwittingly joins a crew of pirates in search of the only beings powerful enough to stop him: the Nihryst. Meanwhile, Shane and a group of underground rebels make a haunting discovery of a plague infecting the streets of Detmarya.

With a looming deadline to save multiple kingdoms and thousands of innocent lives, both royal siblings join quests worthy of Ada’s beloved fairy tales.


The Lost Prince (Book 2)

A mythical healing flower. A fractured kingdom. A curse unbroken.

Adalina and Shane will do whatever it takes to protect their people. Even if that means working with the "enemy."

They stopped one tragedy, but now they face an even bigger challenge. Their only hope lies in the story of a mythical golden flower with powers from the sun. It's nothing more than a fairy tale.

But that's never stopped Ada before.

Once more Ada must set sail on a quest with her favorite band of pirates. While she searches for the magical flower and the truth of the curse on the Nihryst, Shane is left to pick up the pieces of their crumbling kingdom. But there are secrets hidden deep within its history.

Secrets that could destroy everything the royal siblings know.


The Lost Alliance (Book 3)

A broken treaty. An enchanted blade. A love worth fighting for.

The truth has come out, but not as they expected.

The kingdom of Detmarya is on the brink of war, led by a king who has yet to be properly crowned. Shane took his father's throne far sooner than anticipated, and his fear of failure haunts his every move.

With the help of his friends, new and old, he must face betrayal, his sister's mortality, and his own feelings. But when a new story comes to light, one of a warrior worthy of carrying an ancient hero's blade, he dares to hope they may finally have the answers they seek.

For without the stars' help, despite having the biggest military on their side of the world, King Shane won't have the power to save those he loves.

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The Lost Dreams
(A Collection of Nihryst Short Stories)

In a world full of ancient magic, betrayal, and those seeking a place to belong, darkness is spreading.

A lonely queen loves a man she cannot have.
A soldier fights to find his family.
A merchant's daughter tries to prove her worth.

But not all hope is lost.

When a thief and his crew are caught and cursed as immortals, forced to join a war they have no part in, a prophecy is set in motion. The stars have determined their destinies; they have connected them all across the kingdoms.

And one day, their truths will be discovered.

One day, a stubborn princess will decide her own fate, and she won't stop until every last one of them is set free.

Welcome back to the world of the Nihryst! This exclusive collection has five short stories and twelve bonus chapters told from various characters' points of view. Some can be read on their own, but others do go with the first three books and contain spoilers. They will be marked appropriately, giving plenty of warning!

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The Missing Crown  (Book 4)

A crown prince. A missing princess. A friendship stronger than any spell.

Kal’s best friend is gone. His cousin Elin, the one person in the world who truly understands him, has vanished with almost no trace.

Despite having few leads, Kal and a crew set out, willing to sail to the ends of the world to bring the princess home. Even if it means fighting pirates and accepting help from the mysterious stranger who saves his life—a fierce and beautiful woman named Zinnia.

Riley’s life is a simple one. Nothing ever happens in her quaint village until a stranger arrives. Logan is unlike the others; he’s lived an exciting, adventurous life. The kind she desperately wants.

So, when her overprotective grandmother is called away, Riley convinces him to cross the kingdom with her to the solstice celebration near the sea.

But the farther Riley travels, the more she realizes something is wrong. There are gaps in her memory she’s scared to examine too closely. Dreams of a man with bright blue eyes searching for her.


The Missing Legacy  (Book 5)

A fake betrothal. A crumbling kingdom. A claim for the throne that could change everything.

Lilliana was not prepared to become the queen so early. She thought she had time to figure out how to help her struggling people before stepping up. But with her parents’ tragic deaths came another challenge.

One for her crown.

When her cousin claims to be the true heir, Lilliana decides the quickest way to help her case is to officially announce her betrothal to the Crown Prince of Detmarya.

Too bad Prince Kal hates her.
She lied to him, betraying their friendship.

More than that, he cannot stop thinking of the intense woman he met months ago, who disappeared. The one who’s so very different from the prim and proper queen.

But Kal agrees to help because Lilliana once saved his life and he vowed to pay her back. In exchange, as soon as she finds the truth about her family’s lineage, she must break the betrothal and leave him alone forever. He wants nothing to do with her anymore.

At least, that’s what he tells himself.


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