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Celebrity Playboy

Author: Kimberly Readnour Get your copy here!

Released: 2/1/21


What if childhood fantasies come true?

Single. Jobless. Homeless.

That’s what surprising my now ex-boss/boyfriend earns me.

Embarrassed by his betrayal, I retreat home to Merlot, California, swearing off men. No more players for me. It’s sabbatical time, and my friend’s mountainside cabin is the perfect place for solitude.

The plan is foolproof until I show up and find Westlyn “River” Danes—my childhood fantasy crush and the biggest Hollywood playboy—crashing there.

The problem? Westlyn isn’t at all who we gossip writers portray him to be, and my defenses slowly wane. Can I safeguard my heart against his Hollywood charm? Or will he make my childhood fantasies come true?

If you like hot celebrities, good wine, and grand gestures, join Loni Greer in the All American Boy series . A brand new, interconnected standalone series.

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