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Curse of Thorns (Wicked Fae Book 2)

Author: Stacey Trombley Get your copy here!

Released: 6/26/20


The trials changed everything.

Before the trials I was Rev, the beloved prince of the Luminescent Court. Now I’m a bastard hiding in plain sight, not even sure I’m worthy of my title as prince.

Before the trials, Caelynn of the Shadow Court was my sworn enemy. But now that I know why I’m so drawn to her, she terrifies me more than she ever could as an enemy. Our intense friendship makes her all the more dangerous.

This time, it’s the Schorchedland’s turn to spill blood and expose terrible secrets.

Only one of us can enter through the cursed walls and return with the cure that will save the realm, but there are assassins out for both of our heads, and their reach doesn’t stop once we pass the gates to the fae-hell.

It will take both of us to complete this impossible task. And that beautiful shadow fae I’d sworn to kill? She’ll sacrifice anything to save me.

Even herself.

Curse of Thorns is the anticipated second installment of the WICKED FAE series, a slow burn paranormal romance perfect for fans of Lindsey Hall, Audrey Grey and Holly Black.

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