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Ephemera: Life Lessons Learned

Release Date: September 16, 2020 Order here:


Every story has a lesson. People constantly learn throughout their lives. It creates history. It defines the future. Is the grass greener on the other side? Do the ends justify the means? Eleven authors have come together to bring you tales of adventure and romance, loss and gain, family, friends, and everything in between. From arranged marriages to dates in haunted houses to androids infused with human memories. Fairy tales, dystopians, apocalyptic worlds. Every lesson has a story.

The Authors and Prompts

Cait Marie

Genre: Steampunk Lesson: You don’t have to win every argument Random word/phrase: Park bench

Heather Dowell

Genre: Fantasy Lesson: The grass isn’t always greener on the other side Random word/phrase: Waterfall

Victoria Anders

Genre: Enemies to lovers Lesson: The truth always comes out Random word/phrase: Snow

Marissa Allen

Genre: Dystopia Lesson: Good things never come easy Random word/phrase: Poppy

Charles Kelley

Genre: Apocalypse Lesson: Respect is earned not freely given Random word/phrase: Nuclear

Abigail McCarty

Genre: Near future sci-fi Lesson: Don’t take anything for granted Random word/phrase: cat

Steph Wyatt

Genre: Post apocalypse Lesson: Every storm has a silver lining Random word/phrase: Mother

Najela Carter

Genre: Cyberpunk Lesson: Be true to oneself Random word/phrase: Memory

Xander S. Lee

Genre: Murder mystery Lesson: The ends don’t always justify the means Random word/phrase: Gruntled

Rebekah Olson

Genre: Paranormal romance Lesson: Family isn’t just shared DNA Random word/phrase: Trampoline

B.L. Koller

Genre: Fairy tale Lesson: Befriend someone a little different than you Random word/phrase: Rose

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