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Love is a Dance Step (Rockstars Anonymous Book 2)

Author: Michelle MacQueen Get your copy here!

Released: 3/18/21


Rockstars don’t fall for their brother’s girl.

Lola Ramirez has been in love with her best friend for as long as she can remember, always standing at his side. Going to school for a degree she doesn’t want and loving a man who will never see her that way, she feels like she’s living someone else’s life.

Until he comes to town.

Drew Stone, the local boy turned rock star, and her best friend’s older brother.

He needs a dancer and has agreed to hold local auditions, but there’s only one he wants. Lola says that’s not her, not anymore. She put her dancing behind her, letting that part of her die.

But Drew is determined to bring it back to life.

If she gives in to him, if she joins his tour, it could mean the end of her mundane world. Because this rock star might just be the key to finding all the dreams she’d never dared to have.

Escape into a swoony, sweet romance. Love is a Dance Step is book two in the Rockstars Anonymous series, featuring one rock star support group, five ridiculous stars, and four swoony romances. Beware of concert crashers, meddling families, and rock stars who can’t seem to stay out of each other’s love lives. Each book in the Rockstars Anonymous series is a sweet, full-length standalone novel with a guaranteed happy ending.

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