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Love is a Lyric (Rockstars Anonymous Book 1)

Author: Michelle MacQueen Get your copy here!

Released: 3/4/21


Rockstars don’t fall in love with assistants.

Staying in the shadows of her famous sister best known for songwriting, Piper Hayes knows her role. She keeps her head down and does what she’s told.

But then he came along.

As the third member of the band, Fate, Ben Evans is not only out of her league, he’s completely off-limits. Ben loves the girl he thinks wrote the words his music fits so perfectly with.

But Piper knows the truth.

The more time she spends fetching coffee and running errands for members of the band, the more she realizes this isn’t the life she wants.

When it comes time to finally own up to all the lies Piper and her sister have told, the fans might desert them, but what about Ben? He’ll have to decide if it’s the lyrics he loves or the girl he never knew was behind them.

Lose yourself in a swoony, sweet romance. Love is a Lyric is book one in Rockstars Anonymous, featuring one rock star support group, five ridiculous stars, and four swoony romances. Beware of concert crashers, meddling families, and rock stars who can’t seem to stay out of each other’s love lives. Each book in the Rockstars Anonymous series is a sweet, full-length novel with a guaranteed happy ending.

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