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Roman and the Hopeless Romantic (Gulf City High Book 2)

Author: Michelle MacQueen Get your copy here!

Released: 1/10/20


Rule #1 of falling in love with your best friend’s sister: Be prepared to fight for her.

Even though Cassandra Carrigan doesn’t want to be fought for. No matter what he does, she won’t speak to Roman Sullivan. Not a single word.

When Roman’s parents move, forcing him to live with the Carrigans, he’s not sure how he’s supposed to live in a room next to the girl he’s loved for years, the girl who doesn’t want him there.

But she has a secret, one existing between the pages of the romance books she loses herself in: Cassie is a hopeless romantic, in love with the idea of love.

When she asks him for her first kiss, he can’t say no to her, not when he wants to fall into that single moment, hoping it doesn’t have to end.

Fantasy can’t last forever, and that version of the girl he knows is nothing but that, a fantasy.

The battle for the real Cassandra Carrigan has only just begun, and Roman is going to prove that one kiss isn’t enough.

Beware of lovesick hockey players, alligators playing in the rain, and a girl finding the strength she’s had all along.

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