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Shadow of Thorns (Wicked Fae Book 4)

Author: Stacey Trombley Get your copy here!

Released: 4/2/21


My fated mate is hated by the entire realm and I’ll make it my life’s mission to change their mind.

I am Reveln, the fae prince who’s brother was killed by a shadow fae assassin years ago. The whole realm expects me to hate my brother’s killer, and I did— for a very long time.

But now that I know the full story, now that Caelynn and I have been to hell and back together—literally— I’ll do anything to keep her safe.

But the realm does not see what I see. And now that I’m named High Prince, I have expectations to uphold, a plague to end and an evil monster to hunt down.

I need Caelynn’s help, whether the leaders of the kingdoms like it or not.

So between parades and balls held in my honor, I work with the incredibly beautiful shadow fae assassin to save the realm from the evil still haunting us.

The Queen is convinced I must let my mate go for good—but that is one sacrifice I refuse to make.

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