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About Me

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hello! I’m Caitlin–reader, writer, Hufflepuff, and cookie enthusiast! I have loved reading my entire life, however, writing is a completely different story.

I am a full-time online student, attending Southern New Hampshire University in pursuit of my BA in Forensic Psychology, with minors in English Language and Literature and Criminal Justice. I’m also active within the school’s online community, where I am a Peer Leader, the Vice President of the Book Club, and the Secretary of the Psychology Club. I just applied to be a Peer Tutor, too. I like to keep busy obviously!

In the fall of 2015, I decided I wanted to write my own fiction book so that I could put everything I wanted in it. Until that point in my life, all I had ever written were papers for school–which I hated. I also kept a poorly-written, boring blog that basically served as a journal.

On a whim, I joined a writing group in December 2016. I began writing nonfiction articles and quickly worked my way up to being a team editor. When a fellow editor decided to create her own writing community, I quickly jumped on board and joined Coffee House Writers (CHW) in June 2017, leaving the other group. I am now a Chief Operations Officer, an Assistant Editor, the Advertising Supervisor, and a Writer for CHW. Through CHW, I typically write nonfiction, but in my free time I write fiction.

I am currently working on a variety of YA/NA fiction stories. I have started and stopped at least half a dozen stories in the last three years. In November 2017, I participated in my first NaNoWriMo and wrote a short story that goes with that original series I first started with. It was my first completed story, though it still needs a lot of editing.

In October 2018, I began writing a completely new story based on a dream (I have the most random dreams). Within the first week I wrote 31,000 words. I had never felt such excitement about writing. As of January 31, 2019, the first draft of my first full-length novel is complete. Thus, this blog was created to write about that journey, share my experiences, and keep people updated.

If I’m not working on any of this, I’m probably reading. I’ve always loved reading, but in the last couple years it has turned into an obsession. I love books so much that I started Functionally Fictional. I put together a small team to review books; I also write other book blog posts and promote books.

Functionally Fictional takes up most of my spare time, but I can also be found frequently binge-watching Doctor Who, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or re-watching Harry Potter for the 700th time. I’m also a concert addict, I love to paint, and I love blaring and singing along to musical soundtracks when I have the house to myself.

I am excited to start this “Adventures in Writing” series. As someone who had little knowledge about writing and the publishing world until recently, I’m learning as I go. It is my hope that sharing my journey will help another writer, or at least inspire them to keep trying!

Happy Writing!


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