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Adventures in Writing: Part 4

Hello, hello! For those just joining, I started this blog to talk about writing and publishing my books. As the title suggests, it has been a pretty crazy adventure so far. I basically jumped into all this head first without any idea of what I was doing or with an end goal in mind.

You see, I’ve always loved reading, but I hated writing. That is, until about four years ago when I literally picked up the pen and randomly started writing a fiction book. I had no idea I would one day be running my own book website, freelance editing, and working for an online publication and another book website. I had no idea that I would actually be a published author one day.

But my first book, The Nihryst, comes out March 2020!

The Nihryst is the first in a YA/NA fantasy trilogy about two royal siblings fighting the clock to save their kingdom from their own father. Princess Adalina sets sail with a group, whom she quickly realizes is pirates, to search for lost immortal warriors from her childhood fairy tales. Meanwhile, Prince Shane stumbles across an underground rebellion and tries to help stop a plague spreading throughout their streets.

Read the full blurb on Goodreads, and don’t forget to add it to your TBR!!

The past couple weeks have been pretty exciting. I officially have a cover, I wrote part of book 2, and I set up a lot for the release of the whole trilogy!

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