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Cover Reveal: The Lost Alliance

A broken treaty. An enchanted blade. A love worth fighting for.

The epic finale to The Nihryst trilogy is almost here! The Lost Alliance is tentatively set to release in May of 2021. Below is the blurb, the incredible cover by Maria Spada, and information on a limited-time sale of the first two books!











The truth has come out, but not as they expected.

The kingdom of Detmarya is on the brink of war, led by a king who has yet to be properly crowned. Shane took his father’s throne far sooner than anticipated, and his fear of failure haunts his every move.

With the help of his friends, new and old, he must face betrayal, his sister’s mortality, and his own feelings. But when a new story comes to light, one of a warrior worthy of carrying an ancient hero’s blade, he dares to hope they may finally have the answers they seek.

For without the stars’ help, despite having the biggest military on their side of the world, King Shane won’t have the power to save those he loves.

Need to read books one and two first?

From March 16-18, The Lost Legends is $0.99 and The Lost Prince is $1.99 through Kindle!

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