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Cover Reveal: The Missing Legacy (The Nihryst Book 5)

The Missing Legacy (The Nihryst Book 5) cover is here! This beauty was done by AKA Cover Design, and I'm completely obsessed. Full blurb below (don't worry, it doesn't spoil the other books!).

I'll have the pre-order link soon. I'm still writing, so I didn't want to set a date too early. I'm aiming to release in the spring though! In the meantime, you can get the rest of the series here:

This will be the final book in the series, and while that makes me incredibly sad, I have been so excited for this one! As mentioned on social media, the story idea had been brewing for a while. It's much more Robin Hood focused, and it feels like a really good one to end on. However, like I also said, there will be some spin-offs happening and maybe some novellas.

Without further ado... the cover...


A fake betrothal. A crumbling kingdom. A claim for the throne that could change everything.

Lilliana was not prepared to become the queen so early. She thought she had time to figure out how to help her struggling people before stepping up. But with her parents’ tragic deaths came another challenge.

One for her crown.

When her cousin claims to be the true heir, Lilliana decides the quickest way to help her case is to officially announce her betrothal to the Crown Prince of Detmarya.

Too bad Prince Kal hates her.

She lied to him, betraying their friendship.

More than that, he cannot stop thinking of the intense woman he met months ago, who disappeared. The one who’s so very different from the prim and proper queen.

But Kal agrees to help because Lilliana once saved his life and he vowed to pay her back. In exchange, as soon as she finds the truth about her family’s lineage, she must break the betrothal and leave him alone forever. He wants nothing to do with her anymore.

At least, that’s what he tells himself.


The Missing Legacy is the fifth book in this action-packed, fairytale retelling series. Join Kal and Lilliana as they work to find the truth, bringing everyone together for one final adventure!

The Nihryst Reading Order:

1. The Lost Legends

2. The Lost Prince

3. The Lost Alliance

3.5. The Lost Dreams (A Collection of Nihryst Short Stories)

4. The Missing Crown

5. The Missing Legacy


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